EMC solutions for harsh environments

EMC solutions for harsh environments

EMC Solutions from APC Hi-Rel

APC Hi-Rel provides a complete EMC solution; drawing on our expertise, experience and range of specialist components. Our technology partners are manufacturers of high-performance EMC product solutions for defence, shielded rooms, tactical and mobile shelters, computer suites, EMP and TEMPEST applications.

APC’s unparalleled range of products encompasses more than 25,000 established designs to meet a wide variety of EMC application requirements. In addition, our field-based technical support team provide expert advice on any EMC solution for your project.

35 Years’ Expertise in Custom EMC Solutions

Our cumulative history of providing standard and custom EMC solutions in the most demanding of environments spans over 35 years, This is a testament to our unrelenting commitment to quality, reliability and performance. The Company is certified to AS:9120 and ISO9001:2015 and has access to some of the world’s leading EMC engineering teams providing solutions on time and on budget.

Our EMC Services

The latest filter and gaskets technologies have been developed and adapted to defence contractors specifications both in the UK and internationally. In addition to these power line filters, standard products range from sub-miniature ceramic filters for avionics and missile systems, through to precision filters for data lines to high current HEMP/IEMI filters.

Members of our technical team are always available to offer design support and can visit your premises to discuss project requirements at an early or concept stage.

  • Extensive use is made of computer-aided filter design techniques and circuit modelling programs, theoretical performance is always validated by prototype testing.
  • APC’s principal’s design laboratories have a number of specialist test capabilities to allow in-house evaluations of new designs. Tests which can be carried out include EMC pre-compliance; pulse injection; insertion loss DC – 4GHz; shielding effectiveness to 40Ghz and high current solutions.

Many designs have been developed in conjunction with major military contractors and meet the requirements of DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461. We also have a full range of HEMP/NEMP/IEMI protection filters all independently tested and compliant to MIL-STD-188-125.

Performance and reliability of a shielding system or room are essential in today’s critical infrastructure facilities and are a vital part of everyday life in secure environments. Such installations include electric power facilities that APC’s EMC solutions team can protect against the highest level of conducted and radiated emissions, thereby meeting HEMP-hardened electrical parameter barrier standards for mission-critical military operations to ensure system survivability during a HEMP event.

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