DIN rail mounted EMI filter series

DIN rail mounted EMI filter series

DIN rail mounted EMI filter series

Leading manufacturer API Technologies has released a new series of DIN rail mounted EMI filters for a range of applications from medical to metrology, available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel. The 62-STB series of DIN rail mounted, single phase power EMI filters eliminate both differential mode and common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) and meet stringent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance specifications. They are ideal for reducing unwanted interference for industrial applications and high power office/medical equipment and instruments, such as:

  • Test and measurement instruments
  • Medical X-ray machines
  • Medical bone mineral densitometry devices
  • Electrical installation control panels
  • Textile Machinery
  • Powered exercise equipment (treadmills and etc.)
  • Electrical boilers and HVAC equipment
  • Refrigeration units
  • Printers
  • Low and high voltage power supplies

The enhanced intelligence and performance requirements of new electronics bring greater susceptibility to outside EMI. In fact, the demand for EMC compliance in industrial, office and medical environments is intensifying as highly EMI-sensitive digital, analog and RF/microwave electronics are increasingly employed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and enable innovative solutions. EMI power filters are a low-cost solution for designing in better EMC compliance or retrofitting existing equipment negatively impacted by EMI.

APC Technology Group plc

Key Performance Features:

  • Easy connection and installation (Chassis or DIN rail mount)
  • High reliability (high strength epoxy molded)
  • High insulation resistance (300MΩ between line and ground)
  • Low leakage current versions (<0.1mA at 250 VAC 60 Hz)
  • 6A to 30A, 250 VAC Models
  • High pulse attenuation versions
  • High noise attenuation versions

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