Avionics data bus ICs from Holt Inc

Avionics data bus ICs from Holt Inc

Avionics Data Bus Integrated Circuits

Available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel, Holt’s range of avionics data bus IC products has served the aerospace industry for many years. Many of Holt’s data bus product lines integrate analog transceiver and digital protocol functions in a single integrated circuit, resulting in significant space savings and improved reliability.

APC Hi-Rel is a certified distributor to Aerospace Standard AS9120B. For technical sales of our range of Holt data bus products contact 0330 313 3220 or email [email protected]

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Holt introduced its first ARINC 429 ICs in 1990 in response to many requests from avionics manufacturers for an alternate, cost effective source of monolithic devices for this protocol.

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Holt MIL-STD-1553 solutions are the smallest and most cost effective in the industry, providing the entire 1553 interface on a single chip.

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Controller Area Network (CAN) devices have become a popular data bus solution in the avionics industry, most notably since the release of the ARINC 825 specification in November 2007, which standardized the use of CAN in avionics applications.

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Holt is the first company to provide an ARINC 717 solution in a single chip, including integrated line drivers and receivers and on-chip DC/DC converter for 3.3V single supply operation.

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RS485 / 422

Holt’s range of rugged RS-485/422 transceivers is ideal for avionics applications such as Time Triggered Protocol (TTP) and Miniature Munitions Store Interface (MMSI / EBR-1553). High operating temperature products (up to 200oC) are also available.

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Holt’s range of Discrete-to-Digital components provides a robust solution for sensing Open / Ground and 28V / Open discrete signals.

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Analog Switches

Holt’s Analog switch product line is specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as avionics. Select products are capable of higher operating temperatures (up to 200oC). The robust SOI technology makes these devices ideal for applications that benefit from or require low charge injection, high isolation or low leakage.

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LCD Display Drivers

Holt Integrated Circuits’ line of LCD Display Drivers is designed for high voltage LCD display drive applications.

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Ethernet has become much more prevalent in today’s avionics systems. As a long established and trusted military and aerospace supplier, Holt provides its customers with the reliability and product longevity often not found in commercial equivalents.

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Controller Area Network (CAN)

Holt’s CAN network IC products integrate seamlessly with higher layer industrial protocols such as CAN open or DeviceNet. The HI-3110 with SPI host interface was the first CAN product to integrate the transceiver on the same chip as the controller, ensuring a highly compact single-chip solution. Holt also offers standalone transceiver and CAN controller ICs. Select transceiver products are capable of very high operating temperatures (up to 200oC).

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APC Hi-Rel is a certified distributor of high reliability components to AS9120B. Across our group we operate a Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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