LCD display drivers from Holt Inc

LCD display drivers from Holt Inc

Avionics Data Bus – LCD Display Drivers

Holt’s line of LCD display drivers, available from APC Hi-Rel, are designed for high voltage LCD display drive applications. These CMOS products drive the liquid crystal displays by converting 5 volt serial data to parallel segment and backplane waveforms with amplitudes up to 30 volts. Devices are cascadable, allowing connection of multiple drivers for larger displays.


  • Dichroic liquid crystal displays
  • Standard liquid crystal displays

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DeviceDevice TypeDescriptionReleasedDatasheet
Device:HI-8010 HI-8110 Device Type:30-38 Segments Description:TTL (HI-8010) or CMOS (HI-8110) inputs. /CL clocks data from serial data input when /CS is low. Released:1986 Datasheet:HI-8010 Rev. G - updated 5/18/2011
Device:HI-8020 HI-8120 Device Type:30-38 Segments Description:TTL (HI-8020) or CMOS (HI-8120) inputs. Same functionality as 8010, but /CS may also be used to clock data from the serial data input when /CL is low. Released:1989 Datasheet:HI-8020 Rev. G - updated 5/18/2011
Device:HI-8040Device Type:85 Segments Description:100-pin Ceramic QFP package Released:1999Datasheet:HI-8040 Rev. C - updated 5/18/2011
Device:HI-8045 Device Type:80 Segments Description:100-pin plastic QFP package Released:1999 Datasheet:HI-8045 Rev. E - updated 5/18/2011
Device:HI-8050 HI-8051 HI-8150 HI-8151 Device Type:30-38 Segments Description:Test pins allow hardware all ON('1'), all OFF('0') or alternating. /8020OPT pin allows selection of 8010/8110 or 8020/8120 logic operation. Released:2000 Datasheet:HI-8050 Rev. G - updated 2/9/2017

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