MIL-STD-1553 ICs from Holt Inc

MIL-STD-1553 ICs from Holt Inc

Avionics Data Bus – MIL-STD-1553

Available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel, Holt Integrated Circuits provides a broad range of IC options for the MIL-STD-1553 designer.

The most highly integrated products provide full protocol and transceiver functionality on a single IC, along with BC/MT/RT, on-chip RAM and dedicated host interface options. Many of these products also have dedicated development kits and software, enabling a quick learning curve and faster design cycles for new users. In addition, Holt works with leading partner companies to provide customers with suitable tools for embedded software development, including Wind River® VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS) and Linux.

Available in the UK from APC, Holt also provides a family of standalone transceivers and transformers which are compatible with a range of customer protocol solutions such as FPGAs and older discrete designs.


  • Military and commercial avionics
  • Transportation
  • Oil exploration

For more information on APC Hi-Rel’s range of MIL-STD-1553 Holt products, contact our technical sales team on 0330 124 4540 or email [email protected]

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Integrated Terminals

Holt’s latest MIL-STD-1553 family, MAMBA, gives customers the World’s smallest solution with a selection of devices targeted at common application configurations for optimum cost savings. BC/MT/RT, BC/RT, RT/MT and RT combinations are offered. All devices have integrated transceivers on-chip and are available in 48-pin plastic QFP or 6mm x 6mm QFN packages with a 4-wire 40 MHz host Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

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Protocol IP Core

The Holt MIL-STD-1553/1760 IP solution is based on Holt’s HI-6130/31 and MAMBA families and provides a complete single- or multi-function protocol interface between a host processor and MIL-STD-1553B bus. Any combination of BC, RT or MT functions can be operated concurrently. Also available from APC Hi-Rel, Holt’s enabled terminals communicate with the MIL-STD-1553 buses through a shared dual bus transceiver and external transformer.

All RT devices are MIL-STD-1760 compliant, responding to valid messages with status word Busy Bit set within 150ms following power-on.

The Holt Multi-Core IP product includes a Verilog IP core, test bench, and supporting documentation, allowing designers to instantiate the core in a variety of FPGA implementations.

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Remote Terminal GUI

Available from APC Hi-Rel, the Holt Remote Terminal Configuration Wizard is a Windows compatible program for setting up MIL-STD-1553B remote terminals based on Holt’s 1553 protocol ICs. The user can quickly generate RT configuration tables and device settings for use with the following Holt devices: HI-2130, HI-6120, HI-6121, HI-6130, HI-6131, HI-6135, HI-6136, HI-6137 and HI-6138. The HI-2130, HI-6130 and HI-6131 devices can operate two concurrent remote terminals; the RT configuration wizard can independently configure both RTs by running two successive passes through the program.

When projects are saved, all program settings are stored. Reloaded projects can be modified and resaved using the same (or a new) project name. Incomplete projects can be saved then reloaded later for completion.

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  • Compliant to MIL-STD-1553A/B
  • Common mode rejection (CMR) greater than 45dB
  • Impedance test frequency from 75Khz to 1Mhz
  • Droop less than 20%
  • Overshoot and ringing plus or minus 1V Max
  • Pulse width 2 microseconds
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) 3

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