Q-Tech high reliability crystal oscillators

Q-Tech high reliability crystal oscillators

Crystal Oscillators

Available from APC Hi-Rel, Q-Tech Corporation’s range of crystal oscillators are designed to be used in the space, military, avionics and high temperature applications.

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Crystal oscillators range

Having produced some of the industries smallest crystal oscillators and ultra-miniature QTCH oscillator series, Q-tech’s oscillators are used for high-reliability industries of space, aerospace, military/avionics and high temp/downhole.

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QPL oscillators

Q-Tech’s MIL-O-55310 was the company’s first to appear on the MIL-O-55310 (now MIL-PRF-55310) qualified products list.

Today, Q-Tech is qualified on over 28 MIL-PRF-55310 slash sheet part numbers listed below, offering various combinations of packages, voltages, and logic types, and temperature stabilities that meet the full range of military and space requirements.

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TCXO range

Recognised to be the world’s tightest stability TCXO for space, as tight as ± 3 PPM total error budget for 18 years, with features of the lowest phase noise TCXOs for Space.

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New miniature oscillators

 Available in three packages: 

  •  XO – the smallest crystal oscillators at 2.5×3.2mm with -55°C to 125°C temperature range options in CMOS and LVPECL/LVDS
  •  VCXO – miniature crystal oscillator packages in 3.2×5.0 and 5×7
  •  TCXO – miniature crystal oscillator packages down to 2.0×2.5 with temperature stabilities  <±0.5ppm

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VCXO range

Consist of an IC 5Vdc, 3.3Vdc clock square wave generator and a miniature strip AT quartz crystal built in a low profile ceramic package with gold plated contact pads.

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SAW range

Low noise voltage-controlled SAW oscillators, providing superior performance at operating frequencies. Also features:

  • -170 dB noise floor at 1.3+ GHz output frequency
  • Frequencies from 400 MHz to 1.3+ GHz
  • Absolute pull range (APR) ±20ppm min.

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MCXO range

Q-Tech’s microcomputer compensated crystal oscillator, MCXO uses a high stability overtone SC-cut crystal with microprocessor-controlled compensation.

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OCXO range

Q-Tech’s high stability oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) is a high-reliability signal generator that provides Sine wave or HCMOS output. The OCXO is designed to be used in aerospace applications.

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B+ range

Q-Tech’s B+ high reliability hybrid crystal clock oscillators are renowned for high performance in a wide range of space projects, including the Mars Rover and the International Space Station.

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