High voltage power supplies

High voltage power supplies

High Voltage Power Supplies

VMI specialise in custom designed high voltage power supplies up to 125kV, 250W.

Available from APC Hi-Rel our technical sales team and engineers can help design and supply a power supply to your exact specification. For more information contact us on 0330 313 3220 or email [email protected]

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VMI’s standard high voltage power supplies include:

Portable XRS x-ray power supplies that are lightweight, rugged and compact. Outputs are fully adjustable from -40kV to -50kV.

Features include:

  • Voltage and current programming
  • Voltage and current monitoring
  • Low ripple
  • Excellent load and line regulation

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CRS power supplies are designed specifically for use with CRT displays. Two models are available – CRS 6kV-11Kv (adjustable) and 11-kV- 18kV (adjustable), both with wire lead.

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The LP6 HeNe laser power supply features low ripple current, high efficiency, excellent load and line regulation, plus short circuit protection. It is available in several different DC input voltages and Run Current settings, and positive or negative 10kV start voltage.

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Custom high voltage power supplies

Working closely with our manufacturing partner VMIAPC Hi-Rel is able to offer custom designed high voltage power supplies to meet your exact specification.

To discuss your requirements for custom products contact our VMI product manager on 0330 313 3220.

For technical sales and expert advice on our range of high reliability electronic components contact the Hi-Rel team on: