High voltage rectifiers

High voltage rectifiers

High Voltage Rectifiers

VMI’s rectifier assemblies, available from APC Hi-Rel, are suitable for rugged-environment applications.

Their high voltage stacks are axial-leaded, epoxy encapsulated devices. Width and height stay the same, depending on each family (FP, SP, or SPJ), but the length will vary depending on the reverse voltage rating.

VMI standard products include rectifier stacks and single-phase bridges.

For technical sales of high voltage rectifiers to suit your exact applications and requirements please contact our team on 0330 313 3220 or email [email protected]

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High voltage rectifier stacks

VMI rectifier stacks, available from APC Hi-Rel, are available in the following specifications:

Fat Packs (FP) – 2.2A, up to 20kV

Slim Packs (SP) – 500mA, up to 20kV

Slim Pack Junior (SPJ) – 50mA, up to 40kV

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High voltage single phase bridges

VMI’s single phase bridges are assembled with VMI diodes, then encapsulated in a rigid epoxy. Available as 2A, up to 20kV per leg, 70ns.

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Custom high voltage rectifiers

Working closely with our manufacturing partner VMI, APC Hi-Rel is able to offer custom designed high voltage rectifiers to meet your exact specification.

To discuss your requirements for custom products contact our VMI product manager on 0330 124 4540.

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