Power conversion solutions

Power conversion solutions

Power conversion solutions

APC Hi-Rel offers a range of power conversion soltions from some of the industry’s leaders, 3D-PLUS, Redler, MDI, and Enercon.

From space level converters to military power conversions, we are able to find the right products you require.

Speak to our technical sales team for more information. Contact 0330 313 3220 or email hi-rel@apcplc.com

APC Technology Group plc

Space level converters

APC Hi-Rel offers a range of space converters from the world-leading supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products – 3D PLUS.

> View space level converters range

APC Technology Group plc

Hybrid DC-DC converters for space

MDI’s power component integration for space power systems, available from APC Hi-Rel

> View hybrid DC-DC converters for space

APC Technology Group plc

Military power conversion

A range of solutions for military power conversion, motion controller, smart circuit breakers and many more…

> View motion control drivers 

> View smart circuit breakers 

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