Smart circuit breakers

Smart circuit breakers

Smart Circuit Breakers

Available from APC Hi-Rel, Redler Technologies’ smart circuit breakers are powered with innovative, patented technology that allows real-time reaction and management, without the fear of overload that could lead the system to fail.

Redler Technologies unique, smart board circuit breaker is highly efficient and offers excellent reliability. The current protection board prevents system malfunction, current damages and subsystems power supply recovery by monitoring current, independent logical commands, as well as communication control layers.

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APC Technology Group plc

Power Rider – 1 (single channel)

High-reliability DC power management units:

  • Patented high performance 3 transistors DC toggle/fuse
  • Full management of all electrical devices in the system
  • Sanitisation in energy consumption
  • Enables  monitoring of all consumers in the device
  • Full form, fit, function


  • Unique automatic current breaker / solid state relay/logic circuits
  • Programmable up to 25A
  • Automotive standard
  • Cost-effective
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Customer modification
  • 3 protection layers HW and SW
  • CAN / RS communication
  • LED feedback

> View Power Rider single channel datasheet

APC Technology Group plc

Power Rider Multi Channel SCB 

  • Small dimensions or 10-12 channel board or in a case
  • Supports smart electrical power distribution applications
  • Longer MTBF
  • Possibility to add the ‘next ten’ function
  • Automatic fuses and switches with built-in logical commands
  • Comply with automotive standards
  • Up to 250A programmable channels (Up to 30A per Channel)
  • Safety system, prevents, over current and cut off situation
  • Improves maintenance by accurate malfunction detection
  • Serial, CAN, ethernet communication
  • 220 x 110 x 22 for 10 channels board
  • 12 channels 220 x 110 x 35 mm

> View Power Rider multi-channel datasheet

APC Technology Group plc

Relay unit 

Airborne high reliability DC power management units (EPD)

  • 0-15A. 30 DC power switch /electronic fuses
  • 3 MOSFET transistors power switch
  • Protections: over-current, i²t, temperature, voltage, CPU
  • Fast 1.2uSec hardwired cutoff protection
  • 50A over-current (10 Seconds)
  • Communication: CANBUS, RS232,RS422,RS485. (Ethernet 10/100 optional)
  • Comply with MIL-STD 704A and 1275
  • Firmware upgrade via serial communication
  • MMI – load/read parameters and live graph monitor
  • Fully redounded
  • High current low Rdson, 100v Power MOSFETs, hardware short protection
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 130mm x 53mm
  • Temperature operation environment-40°C to 71°C. (extended to-55°c 85°C)

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