Rail Transport Isolated DC-DC Converters

Rail Transport Isolated DC-DC Converters

Railway Power Supplies

Available from APC, SynQor’s line of DC-DC converters is designed to provide isolated DC power in the transportation industry for such electronics as LED displays, audio amplifiers, safety monitors, lighting, and communications systems under the European Standard EN 50155.

These converters use SynQor’s synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely efficient industry leading performance. Due to the difficult environmental conditions the transportation market poses on power supplies, SynQor has designed the RailQor line for optimal performance in the most demanding applications.

For more information and technical sales of SynQor’s RailQor range contact us on 0330 313 3220 or email hi-rel@apcplc.com

2:1 Input Ratio - 72V (42V-110V) Continuous Input Range, (150V transient, QT & HP only)

FamilyVOUT3.3V5V12V15V24V48V56VPackage size
Family:RQ72VOUT:Max lout / power out3.3V:10A / 50W 5V:4.1A / 49W 12V:3.3A / 50W 15V:2A / 48W 24V:48V:56V:Package size:Quarter brick / Mega
Family:RQ72VOUT:Max lout / power out3.3V:25A / 125W 5V:12A / 144W 12V:10A / 150W 15V:6A / 144W 24V:3A / 144W 48V:56V:Package size:Quarter brick / Tera
Family:RQ72VOUT:Max lout / power out3.3V:46A / 230W 5V:21A / 252W 12V:17A / 255W 15V:10.4A / 250W 24V:5.2A / 250W 48V:56V:Package size:Half brick / peta