Space Level Converters

Space Level Converters

Space Level Converters

Space level converters from 3D PLUS, available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel, are radiation-hardened by design.

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Radiation Tolerant POL Converters

Radiation tolerant point-of-load DC/DC converters, from 3D PLUS, provide high performances, high reliability and high efficiencies in a compact size and low weight, making them ideal for space applications.

Available from 4.5V on almost every digital system, they provide a single output voltage that is adjustable. A very high speed control loop keeps the output voltage within regulation, particularly under the high transient load swings that are commonly found in high speed ASICs, FPGAs and memory devices.

Key features:

  • Integrated EMC filters
  • Input under-voltage protection
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
  • Power good signal for output voltage monitoring
  • Soft start, ON/OFF command
  • Very long-life time electronics (technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space)
InputOutputPackage Temp*SCD#
Input:4.5V to 12V inputOutput:1V to 5V adjustable outputPackage :16-pin gull wing SMDTemp*:C, I, SSCD#:3DFP-0680:Request datasheet
Input:5V±10% inputOutput:1.225V to 3.8V adjustable 0utput Package :14-pin gull wing SMDTemp*:C, I, SSCD#:3DFP0609:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range
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Radiation Tolerant Protection ICs

Current Limiter (LCL)

Advanced high performance semiconductor devices can be sensitive to single event latch-up (SEL) effect when exposed under radiation in the space environment. Even if SEL is a very rare event, it can lead to a self destruction of the device and shall be mitigated to ensure the relevant reliability and life time of the application. Therefore, a safe design for a mission critical space application shall include a protection device called the larch-up current limiter (LCL).

3D Plus‘ 3DPM0168 LCL, available from APC Hi-Rel, monitors the power supply line of the semiconductor device and switches it off instantaneously in case of any overvoltage or ‘radiation induced SEL’ in order to protect the device from over current and overheating.

Featuring specific radiation effect mitigation techniques and utilising space design de-rating rules, the Rad Hard by Design 3DPM0168 LCL is an ITAR Free product and features a SEL/SEE LETth of 80 Mev.cm²/mg and a TID of 50krad (Si).

The 3DPM0168 is manufactured with 3D Plus Space Qualified stacking technology designed for for high reliability applications, and is available in a compact size and low weight 20-pin SOP package.

Key features:

  • Overvoltage protection for power lines from 0.8V to 6V and up to 2A
  • Very fast switch-off time (10μs max)
  • Very low voltage drop across the LCL
  • Adjustable run and standby threshold currents
  • Selection of the active threshold current via an external digital signal
  • Availability of two operating modes
  • Automatic reconnection after an adjustable delay
  • Reconnection through the ON/OFF command
  • Protection status signal for system supervision
  • Temperature range -40°C / +115°C
  • Space qualified technology
  • Radiation hardened design
  • TID > 50Krad(Si)
  • SEL > 80Mev.cm2/mg at +125°C
  • SET immune
:Current Limiter (LCL)Description:Overvoltage protection 0.8V to 5.5V and up to 2A10µs max switch-off time Package:SOP20Temp*:C, I, SSCD#:3DFP-0608:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range
APC Technology Group plc

Radiation Tolerant Protection ICs

Termination Regulator (DDR2 TR)

3D PLUS‘ DDR2 TR module, is a sink/source double data rate termination regulator, specifically designed to meet the JEDEC SSTL_18 specifications, providing a tightly regulated VTT termination voltage, within ± 40mV, for bus termination. The 3DPM0237 includes an output signal to monitor the reference voltage which can be set externally by using two external resistors. No external filters are needed. In addition, an enable command can be used to select the suspend-to-RAM mode for low power consumption. The DDR2 TR module supports DDR1 and DDR2 memory applications and provides a remote sensing function.

The design has been optimised in order to be thermally efficient ensuring a fully operational module in most part of the applications. Offered in SOP package for high resistance SMT assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.

The DDR2 TR is a radiation hardened by design component, compact and suitable for any space application such as commercial or scientific GEO stationary mission, earth observation, navigation, manned space vehicles and deep scientific exploration.

Key features:

  • Fully compliant with JEDEC SSTL-18 standard
  • Tight regulated VTT output (ripple ± 40mV)
  • Source and sink capability ± 1A
  • Supports DDR1 and DDR2 memory applications
  • VTT soft start function
  • Suspend-to-RAM mode
  • All-in-one component
  • Thermally-efficient package
  • Internal over-temperature protection
  • Radiation hardened design
  • TID > 50Krad(Si)
  • SEL, SET Threshold > 80Mev.cm2/mg
:DDRII termination regulatorDescription:Vin: 1.6V to 2.8V Package:SOP24Temp:C, I, SSCD#:3DFP-0630:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range

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