DDR SDRAM - Radiation Tolerant Memory

DDR SDRAM - Radiation Tolerant Memory

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DDR SDRAM – Radiation Tolerant Memory

3D PLUS DDR SDRAM, from APC Hi-Rel, features double data I/O per clock cycle and allows data transfer speed of 200Mbps to 400Mbps. 1Gb to 8 Gb radiation tolerant DDR SDRAM modules are available in a variety of temperature ranges, organised x8, x16 and x32, with a power supply of 2.5V.

The devices are offered with standard SOP footprint (or with 1.27mm pitch BGA footprint for the x64/72 bit version) for high resistance SMT assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.

3D PLUS DDR SDRAM products are used as fast processor’s RAM in a variety of high performance computer boards, and as high density storage memory in solid state data recorder boards. They are used worldwide in sciences and deep space missions and in earth observations satellites.

DDR SDRAM key features:

  • Highest density – smallest footprint (more than 85% space savings in the design)
  • Wide data bus up to x32
  • High speed 100 to 200 MHz
  • Radiation tolerance
  • TID: >50 krads (Si)
  • SEL: LET threshold >80 MeV.cm2/mg
  • SEU: LET threshold = 0.7Mev.cm2/mg, Saturated Cross Section = 1E-9cm2/bit
  • Space quality and large flight heritage worldwide
  • No pure tin content guarantee and minimum of 3% lead
  • Very long lifetime electronics (technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space)
DensityConfigurationVoltageClock Rate / Access TimePackageTemp*SCD
Density:1GbConfiguration:64M x 16Voltage:2.5VClock Rate / Access Time:100-200 MHzPackage:SOP66Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-3440:Request datasheet
Density:2GbConfiguration:128M x 16Voltage:2.5VClock Rate / Access Time:100-200 MHzPackage:SOP66Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-3120:Request datasheet
Density:2GbConfiguration:64M x 32Voltage:2.5VClock Rate / Access Time:100-200 MHzPackage:SOP86Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-4690:Request datasheet
Density:8GbConfiguration:512M x 16Voltage:2.5VClock Rate / Access Time:100-200 MHzPackage:SOP78Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-4330:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range

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