PROM - Radiation Tolerant Memory

PROM - Radiation Tolerant Memory

APC Technology Group plc

PROM – Radiation Tolerant Memory

3D PLUS PROM memories, from APC Hi-Rel, are a one-time-only programmable non volatile memories. 32Mb to 128Mb radiation tolerant PROM stacks are available in a variety of temperature ranges, organised x8 and with a power supply of 3.3V.

Based on rugged memory cell technology and manufactured on Epitaxial semiconductor substrates, the PROM stacks enable extremely reliable space qualified non volatile memories.

The devices are offered with standard SOP footprint for high resistance SMT assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.

3D Plus PROM products are used as processor’s Boot and Program PROM in a variety of high performance and high reliability computer boards. Their PROM products are also specifically designed for storing the configuration bitstreams for large FPGAs.

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PROM key features:

  • High density – smallest footprint (more than 85 % space savings in the design)
  • Non volatile – one time programmable
  • Serial or 8-bit parallel interface
  • 20 years data retention
  • Radiation tolerance
  • TID: 50 krads (Si)
  • SEL: Immune – 120 MeV.cm2/mg
  • SEU: Immune – 120 MeV.cm2/mg
  • Space quality and large flight heritage worldwide
  • No pure tin content guarantee and minimum of 3% lead
  • Very long lifetime electronics (technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space)
DensityConfigurationVoltageClock Rate / Access TimePackageTemp*SCD
Density:32MbConfiguration:4M x 8Voltage:3.3VClock Rate / Access Time:33-264 MHzPackage:SOP44Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-5080:Request datasheet
Density:64MbConfiguration:8M x 8Voltage:3.3VClock Rate / Access Time:33-264 MHzPackage:SOP44Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-3450:Request datasheet
Density:128MbConfiguration:16M x 8Voltage:3.3VClock Rate / Access Time:33-264 MHzPackage:SOP44Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-5960:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range

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