RTIMS Flash - Radiation Tolerant Memory

RTIMS Flash - Radiation Tolerant Memory

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RTIMS Flash – Radiation Tolerant Memory

The NAND Flash Radiation Tolerant and Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS FLASH), from 3D PLUS, is a user-friendly, plug-and-play, radiation protected high density NAND flash memory. It provides a very high density, radiation hardened by design (RHBD), non-volatile memory module suitable for many space applications such as geo-stationary missions, earth observation, navigation, manned space vehicles and deep space scientific exploration.

The RTIMS flash embeds three non-volatile NAND Flash memories and one intelligent flash memory controller (FMC). All of the basic devices embedded in the RTIMS are SEL Immune. Protection against high current SEFIs is performed by current detection and power switch electronics controlled by the FMC. The FMC also provides the module with full protection against SEU: Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) or Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR). The SEU protection can be selected between EDAC and TMR or switched off, and the effective RTIMS Flash density will be 8Gb in TMR protection, 16Gb in EDAC protection and 24Gb in the SEU protection off configuration.

Due to its standard NAND FLASH interface, RTIMS Flash can easily be connected to any existing microprocessor or FPGA with an embedded NAND Flash interface. Its embedded high level functions also allow using it as a standalone small local data recorder.

RTIMS Flash key features:

  • SLC memory technology
  • Bad block free – continuous logic sectors
  • 100 Kcycles program/erase endurance
  • 10 years data retention
  • Standard 8-bit NAND flash I/F
  • Access time: write mode at 99 Mbits/s, Read mode at 287 Mbits/s
  • Radiation hardened design:
    Total irradiation dose(TID):>50Krad(Si)
    Single event latch-up(SEL) Immune>80Mev.cm2/mg
    Single Event Upset(SEU) Immune by design
  • High Current Single Event Functional Interrupt (HC SEFI) Immune by design
  • Space qualified technology
DensityConfigurationVoltageClock Rate / Access TimePackageTemp*SCD
Density:24GbConfiguration:3G x 8Voltage:3.3VClock Rate / Access Time:25 nsPackage:SOP38Temp*:C, I, MSCD:3DPA-5780:Request datasheet
Temperature Range* C = commercial, I = industrial and M= military temp range

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