Space System-in-Package Solutions

Space System-in-Package Solutions

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Space System-in-Package Solutions

A System-In-Package (SiP) consists of a number of dissimilar integrated circuits enclosed in a single highly miniaturised package. The SiP performs all or most of the functions of an electronic system, and, it can contain several silicon components (bare die or package) and passive components. 3D PLUS SiPs, available from APC Hi-Rel, provide a one-stop source for customer’s concept analysis, feasibility study, design, manufacturing and test of high reliability and high performance SiP.

State-of-the-art stacking technology for SiP, from 3D PLUS, allows us to bring the best standard semiconductor devices and technology node in one single highly miniaturised package with almost no limit for the merging of heterogeneous technologies (die – package – passives).

3D PLUS provides four different very flexible stack technology flows that can be used for the design of various styles of SiPs:

  • Standard Packages Stack
  • Flex Process – Bare Die Stack
  • Flex Process – SiP Stack (Heterogeneous components and mixed technology stacks)
  • Wafer Level Stack – WDoD™

SiP key features:

  • Very small form factor and low profile (more than 80% reductions in size and weight + up-system and in service induced benefits)
  • Heterogeneous systems: ability to merge different die, package technologies (flipchip, FBGA, SOT, SOP etc) and form factors
  • Improved reliability: space qualified stacking technology, fewer connectors and solder-joints, rugged to extremely harsh environments
  • Improved performance: improved speed and signal integrity (less parasitic elements)
  • Improved flexibility: modular design enables low-cost system changes, reduce PWB application routing complexity
  • Design secrecy: encapsulated 3D Stacks are hard to reverse-engineer
  • Improved time-to-market: ability to achieve greater functionality in a time-to market window than silicon integration cannot meet
  • Proven “first time right” design and development methodology
  • Recognised turn-key design, manufacturing and test
  • Flexible business model and supply chain management from multi-unit to mass manufacturing

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