Medigenic keyboard reduces contamination

Medigenic keyboard reduces contamination

APC Contech provides customers with leading medical keyboard and mouse for all clinical environments

Typical healthcare keyboards have many users, so cross-contamination from and to patients can result in fatal consequences; particularly if the transient bacteria such a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) exist.

Strong arguments for improved infection-prevention methodology are evident where computer keyboards collect bacteria and require attention to maintain cleanliness.

The Medigenic® Compliance, distributed by APC Contech, is the market-leading infection prevention keyboard, specifically developed by the NHS for use in hospitals and any cross-infection environment.

The Compliance keyboards include a flashing indicator light and audible alarm to alert users to clean the keyboard timed intervals. The interval on the cleaning alert is pre-set at twelve hours, but can be changed to requirements within a range of  between 3 and 48 hours. Studies have shown that twice daily cleaning of Medigenic keyboards can reduce overall contamination by 76%.

In addition to their uses within healthcare environments the Medigenic® keyboard and mouse are suitable for dental and veterinary surgeries, food processing, manufacturing and many other areas.

Testing of the Esterline, Advanced Input Systems Medigenic™ keyboard in the medical surgical ICU at University College London Hospitals showed significant log reduction in bacterial contamination in the range of 0.5 log - 1.4 log (71% - 96%) at cleaning alert settings ranging from 1.5 to 12 hours. The cleaning alert afforded a significant advantage in the Medigenic design in promoting a high level of cleaning compliance and a reduction in bacterial contamination during use in the ICU.

Research Statement from Dr Peter Wilson, Microbiologist, UCLH

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