Automated Fever Screening

Automated Fever Screening

Fever Screening Technology

Automated systems for making buildings smarter, safer and more secure.

Xenon Fever Defence’s screening systems have been designed to enable quick, non-contact temperature analysis. Placed in foyers, receptions and lobby areas, these systems provide proactive protection for employees and customers by quickly alerting people entering a building of elevated temperatures that could indicate an underlying illness.

APC Technology Group plc
  • Completely automated and contact-free

  • Remotely managed – no need for staff to administer tests

  • Quick to set up and begin testing in just 15 minutes

  • Able to analyse adults and children

  • Doesn’t require the removal of face masks

  • Highly accurate to +/-0.3 degrees celsius

  • Can be used without an internet connection

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APC Technology Group plc

A remotely managed solution

Using the included software, the Fever Defence system uses facial recognition to identify users and faces with no required user input. Organisations have the ability to access full record logs for multiple systems in multiple locations, making central remote management easy to administer. All data can be exported via the simple user web interface.



APC Technology Group plc

What’s included?

The Fever Defence system comprises of a two-megapixel, wide dynamic camera. Capable of measuring from 30-80cm away, images are displayed on an 8 inch IPS LCD screen. All software and a stand are included in each system. Download our product datasheet for further technical information below.

For additional technical information and sales support, please speak to a member of our Property Technologies team