Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Smart parking sensors can be used to manage parking lots in a smart way providing real-time information on available parking spaces, saving valuable consumer time. The Smart City concept is the next stage in urbanisation, leading to investment in human and social capital, resource management and new developments in environmental sustainability.

Magnetic occupancy detectors

Magnetic occupancy detectors are used to send out a message when the sensor detects the presence of metal. This technology can be used to manage parking spaces by detecting vehicle presence above the sensor.

APC Technology Group plc

Smart Parking

Smart Parking detects available parking spots by placing the node on the pavement. It works with a magnetic sensor which detects when a vehicle is present.


  • Magnetic field (3 axis)


  • LoRaWAN / Sigfox (single or double radio)
  • Small and weatherproof enclosure (IP68)
  • On-road, surface installation
  • Out-of-the-box operation (no programming needed)
  • Remote manager
  • Extended battery lifetime

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