Electricity CT clamp on sensors

Electricity CT clamp on sensors

Electricity CT Clamp On Sensors

Electricity CT clamp on sensors, from APC Smartwave,  can automatically and continuously collect and transmit energy data. Clamping on directly to the wires they are easy to fit and do not interfere with building fabric.

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Ultra RF Wireless Meter

The real-time wireless meter, from APC Smartwave, is probably the most economical, retro-fit meter available. The battery powered wireless transmitter comes with a “built-in meter” and is supplied with a split core current transformer (CT) that clamps over the cables.

It is available in single or three phase with wide variety of CT sizes.

Ultra RF Wireless Meter Features


  • Battery powered with up to 2 years battery life
  • RF range up to 15km line of sight
  • Uses split core current transformers
  • Low impact design with small footprint
  • Consumption data via Realtime-Online
  • Measure range from 5A up to 1000A

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