Water Flow Sensors

Water Flow Sensors

Water Flow Sensors

APC Smartwave’s water flow sensors can be used for hot or chilled water management using simple clamp on ultrasonic devices with pulse output.

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Flow Meter – U1000

APC Smartwave’s Flow Meter U1000 is designed to provide non-intrusive / clamp on metering for monitoring as required in relation to the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.

Flow meter for pipe sizes 25-115mm diameter, for hot or chilled water energy management using simple clamp on ultrasonic devices, with pulse output.


  • Pipe diameter 25-115mm
  • Min 20mm ID
  • Flow range 0.1m/s-10m/s
  • Output pulse
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Flow meter – U3000

APC Smartwave’s Flow Meter U3000 has the pipe size of 13-2000mm diameter. This can be used for hot or chilled water energy management using simple clamp on ultrasonic devices, with Pulse output to Energy Calculator


  • Pipe diamter 13-2000mm
  • Flow range 0.1m/s-20m/s
  • Guide rail
  • Sensors and cables
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Adeunis Modbus

The Adeunis LoRaWAN Modbus Master is a ready-to-use radio transmitter with a Modbus interface. This product meets the needs of users to communicate with one or several Modbus slaves and transmit the information via a LoRaWAN, Sigfox or Wireless M-Bus network.

  • Can handle up to 10 slaves with 15 registers by slave
  • Transmits the data from the slaves either periodically or in an event-related way based on high or low thresholds
  • The configuration of the transmitter is accessible by the user via a micro-USB port or remotely via the LoRaWAN network, allowing in particular a choice of modes of transmission, periodicity or triggering thresholds
  • Powered by an external power supply (not included)
  • Can provide and control the power supply for a slave
Adeunis Modbus Technical Specifications
  • Periodic or event mode
  • External power supply 6-24V
  • Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 27 mm
  • Box: IP67 (IP68 on request)
  • Integrated fastening system: DIN rail, tube, wall mount, flange
  • Zone: Sigfox: RC1 / LoRaWAN: EU863-870 / WM-Bus: 868
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to + 75°C
  • Standards: Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)
  • Product error alert, configuration error, low battery
  • Configurable life screen
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Adeunis Pulse

The Adeunis Pulse can be used to report gas and electricity meter readings and assess fluid consumption (gas, water, electricity).

  • Up to 2 connectable meters
  • Fraud and leak detection
  • Flow monitoring
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Consumption controlled for optimised autonomy
  • Available technologies: M-BUS, LoRaWAN, Sigfox
Adeunis Pulse Technical Specifications
  • Periodic modes with history
  • Welded pile
  • Dimensions: 105 mm x 50 mm x 27 mm
  • Housing: IP67 (IP68 on request)
  • Integrated fixing system: Rail-DIN, tube, wall, collar
  • Zone: Sigfox: RCZ1 / LoRaWAN: EU863-870 / W-Mbus: 868
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C / + 75°C
  • Weight: 70g
  • Standards: Directive 2014/53 / EU (RED)
  • Product error alert, configuration error, low battery
  • Configurable lifetime
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Elsys ELT

ELT-1 and ELT-2-HP are general LoRaWAN devices for measuring analogue or digital signals. ELT-1/ELT-2-HP can be used together with electricity meters, flow meters, analogue sensors, moisture sensors, temperature sensors, water leak cable or ultrasonic distance sensors. They are enclosed in an IP65 box and are designed to be outside. Inside the ELT-1/ELT-2-HP you will find three internal sensors: a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and an accelerometer for orientation measurements.

Elsys ELT-1 Technical Specifications

Dual external connections. This makes it possible to do for example: External temperature + door switch
Higher maximum output power.
Internal atmospheric pressure sensor.

  • Analog 0-10V in
  • Digital in
  • Pulse counter
  • Direct connection to S0 outputs
  • Embedded sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration.
  • Embedded atmospheric pressure sensor (ELT-2-HP)
  • NFC for easy configuration
  • Size: 94 x 59 x 35 mm
  • Output power: +14dBm (ELT-1), +20dBm (ELT-2-HP)
  • Approx. range: 8km (ELT-1), 12km (ELT-2-HP)*
  • Battery life: 10 years (LoRa™ modulation SF10)
  • Custom SW possible
  • Powered by 3.6V AA lithium battery
  • US902-928, EU863-870,AS923,AU915-928,KR920-923
  • Depending on interval

Supported external sensors:

  • Analog input (0-10V)
  • Pulse input (pull up /pull down), e.g. power meters.
  • DS18B20, 1-wire temperature sensor
  • Switch, normally open
  • Digital input
  • Decagon 10HS, water moisture sensor
  • Water leak sensor/cable
  • Maxbotix, ultrasound distance sensor
  • GPS, with serial output

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