Bandpass filters

Bandpass filters

Bandpass Filters

Available in the UK from APC RF & Microwave, API Technologies’ range of bandpass filters are available in a wide assortment of topologies including lumped element, cavity, ceramic, SAW, tubular, suspended substrate and waveguide.

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Rapid Filter Centers

  • Available from APC, API offers rapid cell bandpass filters in the following topologies: surface mount ceramic covering 400 MHz – 2500 MHz, cavity with SMA connectors covering 800 MHz-20 GHz and lumped element covering 1 MHz-3 GHz with the following options: SMA connectors, surface mount or PC pin.
  • Rapid filter solutions are ideal for moderate complexity, standard design options.

Wide Range of Topologies

  • API’s bandpass filter expertise covers nearly every topology including SAW, cavity, lumped element, tubular, suspended substrate, ceramic and waveguide designs.

Creative Layouts

  • Utilising sophisticated software such as Sonnet EM Simulator and SolidWorks, creative layouts can be realised to optimise package size and electrical performance.

Advanced SAW Filters

  • API Technologies continues to provide cutting edge SAW technology for today’s military and commercial markets in frequencies from 20 MHz to 2600 MHz.

Innovative Designs

  • In order to optimise performance in a given package size, API Technologies engineers can utilise multiple topologies in a single design.
  • API Technologies’ engineers routinely simulate proposed designs, meeting the customer’s specifications while optimising performance, size and cost.

High Power Waveguide Filters

  • API Technologies designs and manufactures waveguide filters to 40 GHz with peak power level handling of up to 50 kW.

High Complexity Ceramic Filters

  • High complexity ceramic filters, like the 6 pole 2100 MHz design with a 45/0.5 dB shape factor of less than 3:1, are examples of the exceptional performance available.


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