Diplexers, triplexers and multiplexers filters

Diplexers, triplexers and multiplexers filters

Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers Filters

Available in the UK from APC RF & MicrowaveAPI Technologies lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters can be combined to form our state-of-the-art diplexers/duplexers, triplexers and multiplexers. API utilises suspended substrate, lumped element and cavity filters in our multiplexer (MUX) designs.

Versatility is a hallmark that separates API Technologies from other filter companies. Choosing from a wide assortment of topologies, our engineers match the optimum topology for peak performance including iris coupling to reduce unit size and silver plating for lower loss.

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Wide Range of Topologies

  • Suspended substrate is ideal for broadband diplexers/duplexers and multiplexers offering superior design flexibility and low loss.

Novel Packaging

  • Because of our customer’s preexisting interface conditions, our engineers designed the diplexed output connectors to exit the bottom of the housing, matching up to the customer’s connectors.
  • A customer requested a diplexer/duplexer with very low insertion loss, extremely high rejection and a custom housing. Our engineers responded with a diplexer/duplexer incorporating unconventional cross coupling, which exceeded the customer’s requirements.

Innovative Designs

  • Multiple topologies can be integrated within a single package for broad frequency coverage.
  • Our expert engineers designed a pole-placed, highpass-lowpass notch diplexer/duplexer which provided just the right amount of rejection.
  • We delivered a solution without suffering increased loss on either side of the passband.

Superior Performance

  • Iris coupling is available to reduce unit size.
  • We incorporate cross coupling to realize transmission zeros for better out-of-band rejection and lower loss.

Inmet Brand Bias Tees

  • API Technologies manufactures Inment Brand Bias Tees in frequencies up to 50 GHz with multiple connector configurations.
  • Multiple models available including:
    • General Purpose Bias Tees
    • High Current Bias Tees
    • Broadband Bias Tees
    • 75 Ohm Bias Tees
    • Pulsed Bias Tees

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