PIN diode drivers

PIN diode drivers

PIN Diode Drivers

Available in the UK from APC RF & Microwave, API Technologies offers a complete line-up of PIN diode switch drivers with output current capability of 10 mA to 50 mA and switching speeds as fast as 6 ns. Thin film metalisation on ceramic substrates ensures low parasitic capacitance for fast switching, small size and excellent reliability.

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High speed drivers

  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Very fast switching 100 mA current spikes
  • Available test points for increasing quiescent output current

Dual high speed drivers

  • The DD111 family of ten drivers is used in SPDT applications by driving the inverting input of one channel and the noninverting input of the other channel from the same TTL input signal

High current drivers

  • Excellent fast switching speed of 100 ns
  • Low current consumption as low as 30 mA
  • Maximum power dissipation of 2.8 watts

Dual high current drivers

  • API Technologies offers a family of ten independent universal medium speed (100 ns) drivers with separate positive and negative quiescent output current programming and separate input logic mode control
  • These drivers are used in SPDT applications by driving both inputs from the same TTL input signal and applying opposite logic inputs to the two mode controls

2-6 channel high speed drivers

  • The PIN diode drivers offer multiple independent medium speed operation with separate input logic mode controls. Logic inputs are true TTL unit loads

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