RF and microwave limiters and limiting amplifiers

RF and microwave limiters and limiting amplifiers

RF and Microwave Limiters and Limiting Amplifiers

When your circuit design requires amplitude compression, API Technologies products, from APC RF & Microwave, deliver the RF limiting function with its line of RF limiting amplifiers. These amplifiers are useful for protecting subsequent components from input overdrive and removing amplitude modulation from FM signals.

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GMIC limiters

  • Utilising API Technologies GMIC (Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit) technology, integration applications can benefit from both small feature size and high performance.
  • High reliability S-band ‘Drop-in’ limiter module features a weight and space saving design.
  • High power with minimum 50dB isolation.

High input power ranges

  • API Technologies offers receiver protection for frequencies from 5 MHz to 1000 MHz.
  • With input power levels up to +26 dBm, use as a clean-up limiter with higher power limiters or stand-alone for lower power requirements.

Hermetic Kovar packaging

  • Surface mount kovar packaging offers superior protection against severe environmental conditions.

Adjustable gain controlled amps

  • API’s AGC designs offer adjustable gain control from 10-500 MHz with up to 45 dB in gain.

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