Internal antennas

Internal antennas

Internal Antennas

Available from APC Technology Group, Laird Connectivity produces internal antennas for a variety of IoT applications. Its embedded antennas will connect your wireless devices with superior performance and speed.

Whether for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or Multiband/Cellular IoT and M2M applications, the small size and form factor of Laird Connectivity antennas make them easily concealable within a product’s enclosure, eliminating any negative impact on product aesthetics.

Our technical sales team can help you find the right antenna, including creating custom
antenna to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

As a long-established industry leader in wireless connectivity, Laird Connectivity offers a
broad internal antenna portfolio for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications. Available in various
configurations designed to save space, increase performance, and offer mounting flexibility,
these Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas are precisely designed to the unique requirements of
embedded connectivity.

Laird Connectivity’s internal antennas for IoT and M2M feature a broad range of supported
frequencies in a small, durable form factor. Their PCB design allows them to be mounted
inside any non-metallic housing, providing omnidirectional connection across several IoT
and M2M bands.

Their range includes:

  • FlexNotch 2.4 GHz antenna
  • FlexPIFA flexible adhesive-backed PIFA internal antenna
  • mFlexPIFA flexible adhesive-backed PIFA internal antenna
  • Nanoblade series internal antenna
  • D-puck series embedded antenna
  • FlexMIMO dual-band MIMO internal antenna
  • Mini nanoblade flex series internal antenna
  • Max blade series internal antenna
  • Mini nanoblade series antenna
  • Nanogreen series internal antenna

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