Frequency Synthesizers

Frequency Synthesizers

Frequency Synthesizers

Available in the UK from APC RF & Microwave, API Technologies’ frequency synthesizers offer wide bandwidth, multiple step size options, fast switching speed, and low phase noise combined with the cost advantages of standardised packages. Frequency control options include serial/parallel inputs, BCD/binary format, or traditional thumbwheel switches.

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APC Technology Group plc

Available from APC RF & Microwave, API offers a complete line of affordable surface mount synthesizers ideally suited for commercial applications where a low cost, non-hermetic solution is desired. These configurable designs feature superior phase noise performance, a programmable EPROM, all in a small 800” square package. Integral to the design is a standard ultra-low phase noise internal reference allows the user to reduce extra material costs while still optimising overall circuit space.


  • Fast settling speed as low as 80 µsec.
  • Internal reference (external optional)
  • Full octave coverage
  • Integrated microcontroller look-up table
  • Customisable parallel or serial programming
  • Ultra low phase noise performance

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