Broadcast Power Monitors

Broadcast Power Monitors

Bird RF Power Monitors that continually monitor VSWR and RF Power

The Bird BPME Series, Broadcast Power Monitors, accurately monitor RF power and VSWR continuously in addition to providing the ability to set alarms for important power and VSWR thresholds and enable data logging for a wide range of frequencies and power levels.

The 3129 Digital Display by Bird is a remote monitor panel that displays the status of the BPME, Broadcast RF Power Monitor and provides power to the BPME electronics.

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APC Technology Group plc

BPME Series

  • Integral Power Monitor System – Integration of forward and reflected elements into the RF Detection/Control Circuit yields added stability and greater dynamic range
  • Frequency/Channel Field Configurable – Provides channel flexibility when needed in the field
  • Ethernet & RS-232 Enabled – Future-ready remote monitoring, control & instant alarm alert
  • Integral RF Test Port – Enables mask compliance testing, as well as monitoring of spectrum, modulation, frequency & RF envelope performance
  • Data Logging Capabilities – System trends and anomalies can be detected before failures

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APC Technology Group plc

Digital RF Power Monitor Display

  • A single line display divided into two fields
  • Displays forward power, and either reflected power or the match measurement. An indicator in the lower right of the last digit blinks on and off to indicate communication with the BPME, RF Power Monitor
  • Displays match measurements as VSWR, Rho, Return Loss, or efficiency
  • Supplies DC power to the BPME
  • Displays the BPME alarm status
  • Provides an electrical interface for the discrete outputs from the BPME
  • Provides a serial interface to connect a PC to the BPME

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APC Technology Group plc

APC Test is the exclusive UK distributor for Bird products and the European Service Centre for Bird Calibration

For more than 45 years, APC Test (formerly Aspen Electronics) has been the exclusive UK distributor for Bird RF products, providing unrivalled engineer-to-engineer expertise and in-depth product knowledge.

In addition, as the European Service Centre for Bird products, our calibration lab has wealth of practical experience in maintaining and calibrating your Bird products.

Our Bird specialists can help find the optimum product and configuration for your project. For technical guidance and product sales contact us on:

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