Bird Channel Power Monitor

Bird Channel Power Monitor

Continuous information on the health of each component of your RF system

Be assured that your communication system is up and running at all times with Bird’s Channel Power Monitor. It provides you with continuous information on the health of each component of your system that is accessible on any computer or tablet on the network or even the phone in your pocket.

The Channel Power Monitor (CPM) is comprised of a 1 RU central processor and a variety of sensors, which work together to monitor all components of a radio system, including each individual radio, the combiner, the feed lines and antenna. These inexpensive sensors are placed throughout the system, with a 5% accuracy that is traceable to NIST and as reliable as you have come to expect from Bird.

The CPM hosts its own webpage for setup and display of all measurement parameters. This enables you to access the system from any computer, tablet or phone on your network, only limited by your network security. The webpage displays all measurements and easily allows you to set up alarms for failure conditions such as high or low power or poor antenna VSWR.

The unit includes both software and hard contact alarms and can even be configured to send you an SNMP Trap message to alert you to an emergency condition. Also standard is Data Logging, which takes reliability one step further by enabling you to see degraded performance before it becomes an emergency.

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APC Technology Group plc
  • Monitor up to 16 non-directional and 16 directional sensors simultaneously
  • Measures forward, reflected, composite and individual channel power as well as antenna system VSWR
  • Configurable with multiple options for sensors and meters, purchase only what you need
  • Easy remote connection using a built-in web server for setup and monitoring
  • Push-to-talk input for 16 radios
  • Configurable alarming for high and low level power and high antenna VSWR, utilizing hard contact and SNMP formats

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APC Technology Group plc

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