N9000B CXA Signal Analyser

N9000B CXA Signal Analyser

N9000B CXA Signal Analyser, Multi-touch, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz

Keysight Technologies

  • Master the essentials in signal characterisation with the leading low-cost tool in signal analysis
  • Perform cost-effective stimulus response measurements with the optional built-in tracking generator
  • Add crucial functionality with X-Series measurement applications
  • Enhance theory with practical skills when used with a training kit in your RF and microwave education lab

N9000B-503 – Frequency range, 3 GHz
N9000B-507 – Frequency range, 7.5 GHz
N9000B-513 – Frequency range, 13.6 GHz
N9000B-526 – Frequency range, 26.5 GHz

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