RF record and playback systems

RF record and playback systems

RF Record and Playback Systems

Bird’s RF Streaming Solutions offer scalable, high-speed, continuous capture and storage solutions. Their portable design allows for use as an RF signal recorder in both laboratory and field testing environments.

Our systems record spectrum from DC to 50 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 1 GHz. Bird’s high-resolution long duration RF signal storage and re-creation capabilities can dramatically increase the power of your spectrum analyzers and vector signal generators from many test & measurement industry leaders.

APC Technology Group plc

IQC5000B Series, RF Record & Playback Systems

  • 255 MHz RF streaming bandwidth on record and playback
  • Low-cost, removable storage options
  • Time-synchronous dual channel recording
  • Fast offload speeds using cabled PCI Express
  • Compatible with Keysight, Rhode & Schwarz and Tektronix Signal Analyzers
APC Technology Group plc

IQC91000A, Record and Playback System

  • 1000 MHz IQ record and playback bandwidth
  • 1 GHz to 18 GHz frequency coverage, 26.5 GHz and 40 GHz option available
  • 90 minutes of continuous record and playback time
  • High-speed data offload for post-processing in MATLAB® as well as other popular VSA tools
  • Sophisticated triggers and markers to time-tag and geotag signal events
  • Eliminate gaps and only record signals of interest by leveraging gated trigger capability
APC Technology Group plc

APC Test is the exclusive UK distributor for Bird products and the European Service Centre for Bird Calibration

For more than 45 years, APC Test (formerly Aspen Electronics) has been the exclusive UK distributor for Bird RF products, providing unrivalled engineer-to-engineer expertise and in-depth product knowledge.

In addition, as the European Service Centre for Bird products, our calibration lab has wealth of practical experience in maintaining and calibrating your Bird products.

Our Bird specialists can help find the optimum product and configuration for your project. For technical guidance and product sales contact us on:

0330 313 3220     test@apcplc.com