Transmitter Power Monitors

Transmitter Power Monitors

RF Transmitter Power Monitors

Low cost In-Situ RF power measurement solution designed for operation inside the transmitter or after the combiner

The TPM Series, Transmitter Power Monitors is the latest broadcast solution from Bird. Calibrated coupling ports and accurate power measurement combined in the same unit passes savings of money and space on to you. Using state of the art techniques, the TPM is the first in-situ power solution that can be calibrated in-line and on site. This unprecedented characteristic helps minimize downtime and optimize on-air time. In addition, a simplified interface allows for a high level of customization and integration that any system could appreciate.

The 3140A Meter Panel is the standard display and power supply for TPM Series, Transmitter RF Power Monitors. The panel is available either the 3140A4, 4 channel or 3140A8, 8 channel configuration and fits in a standard 2U rack. A a single 15V power supply is supplied with each panel providing power to multiple TPM RF monitors. The display supplies a visual indication of Forward and Reflected power being sampled by the inline TPM. Multiple TPM’s can be selected (only one per channel setting) to give the operator an overall condition of the transmitter system.

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TPM Series, Monitors

  • Low Cost in-situ power measurement solution designed for operation inside the transmitter or after the combiner.
  • In-line calibration capability allows for greater accuracy in a single application (with an accurate power reference)
  • Integrated non-directional coupler allows for spectral analysis of the signal in minimal space requirements
  • Accurately measures true average power for digitally modulated systems
  • +/- 5% of reading accuracy for both forward and reflected power (10:1 ratio for forward to reflected power)
  • 7/8″, 1 5/8″, and 3 1/8″, 50 ohm lines available for FM, VHF, and UHF broadcast frequencies
  • DB9 output provides a linear DC voltage output from 0 to 4 volts allowing for a wide variety of interface options.
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3140A Series

  • FWD/RFL Meter – Provides visual indication of measured power for selected TPM.
  • Meter Adjustment Pot – Provides full scale meter calibration.
  • Channel Selector – Selects either one of four (3140A4) or one of eight (3140A8) connected TPM’s.
  • Power Button – Applies DC input power to panel meter.
  • Zero Calibrate Switch – Grounds pin 9 to Zero calibrate the selected TPM.
  • DB9 Connection – Interface connection to TPM’s. Provides power and Zero adjust to connected TPM’s. Receives TPM output to drive meters.
APC Technology Group plc

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For more than 45 years, APC Test (formerly Aspen Electronics) has been the exclusive UK distributor for Bird RF products, providing unrivalled engineer-to-engineer expertise and in-depth product knowledge.

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