Frequency Distributions

Frequency Distributions

Frequency Distributions

Available in the UK from APC Time, Pendulum’s¬†distribution amplifier, FDA-301 and DA-36, offers an economical solution to the problem of low-jitter transfer long-range distribution of Frequency Reference and/or Time Synchronization Signals.

Both models use coax cables for local distribution and optical fibres for remote distribution, giving the following benefits for fibre


Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  • Distributes sine, pulse, ToD and T1 clock/data signals over fibre and/ or coax
  • Narrowband sine input for distribution of reference frequency
  • Pulse distribution of e.g. 1-pps or unmodulated IRIG time code
  • 3 modular output slots provide easy upgradability in the field. Up to 18 fibre or 12 coax outputs
  • No-noise and EMP-proof distribution over fibre
  • Distribute up to 2 km over fibre
  • Auto-change-over when connecting two input sources (Master-Slave)
  • Optional DC power input for power redundancy

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RF/FO Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  • Low-noise and long-distance distribution of reference frequencies
  • Drive up to 2 km of optical fibre
  • Eliminate ground current loop problems
  • Low-loss distribution
  • No noise and interference pick-up
  • Easy to install – flexible, lightweight and small-diameter cable
  • EMP-proof
  • Flexible solution
  • Economical solution
  • RF-to-FO conversion and FO- to-RF conversion

> View Distribution Amplifier Datasheet

Differences between the DA-36 and the FDA-301

Model Number FDA-301DA-36
Model Number :Distribute sine frequency FDA-301:YesDA-36:Yes
Model Number :Distribute pulses (1-pps, IRIG)FDA-301:YesDA-36:
Model Number :Distribute Serial Time-of-DayFDA-301:YesDA-36:
Model Number :Distribute E1/T1 clock/dataFDA-301:YesDA-36:
Model Number :Fiber/coax input 10MHzFDA-301:Yes/YesDA-36:Yes/Yes
Model Number :Auto change-over 10MHz inputFDA-301:YesDA-36:Yes
Model Number :Coax outputs 10MHz*FDA-301:4 / 8 / 12DA-36:4
Model Number :Fiber outputs 10MHz*FDA-301:6 / 12 / 18DA-36:1
Model Number :DC power optionFDA-301:YesDA-36:

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