DIN rail mounted IMS system

DIN rail mounted IMS system

APC Technology Group plc

DIN Rail Mounted IMS System

IMS LANTIME M500 : Time and Frequency Synchronisation in Rail Mount Chassis

Modular Time and Frequency Synchronisation System for Industrial Applications in DIN Rail Chassis.

The full-featured DIN railmount package has one power supply slot, a clock module slot, a CPU slot and two slots for additional input and output modules. Both wide range AC and a 20-72 VDC power supply models are available.

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IMS LANTIME M500 Technical Specifications

Reference Options: 
The following reference sources can be used to synchronize the system:
GPS – Global Positioning System
BeiDou – Chinese GNSS
PZF – German DCF77 longwave radio signal
PTP/IEEE1588 – Precision Time Protocol
NTP – Network Time Protocol
SyncE – Synchronous Ethernet
Timecodes – IRIG/AFNOR timecodes (AM/DCLS)
PPS -Pulse Per Second
10MHz – 10MHz reference frequency
2.048kHz – 2.048kHz reference frequency
E1/T1 – Telecom Synchronization Input with full SSM/BOC support
The priority of all input signals can be freely configured in addition to a bias value and a precision level specification for each source.
Display: LC-Display, 4 x 16 characters
Control elements: Eight push buttons to set up basic network parameters and to change system settings.
Status info: 
Four bicolor LEDs showing status of:
– reference time
– time service
– network
– alarm
Frequency outputs: Accuracy depends on oscillator (standard: OCXO-SQ), see oscillator list

Accuracy of pulse outputs:
Depends on oscillator option:
< ±100ns (TCXO, OCXO LQ)
< ±50ns (OCXO SQ, OCXO MQ, OCXO HQ, OCXO DHQ, Rubidium)
Network Interface:
Basic Chassis: 1 x 10/100 MBit with RJ45 connector

Network Expansion – LNE Options:
Up to a maximum of 8 additional 10/100/1000Mbps (GbE Gigabit support) network interfaces with RJ45 connector.
Power supply:
100-240 V AC (50/60 Hz) / 100-240 V DC
Redundant Power Supplies and other DC input voltage ranges available upon request
Power consumption: 50W (max. 100W)
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ports
1x USB Port:
– install firmware upgrades
– backup and restore configuration files
– copy security keys
– lock/unlock front keys
AMD Geode™ LX 800 (500 MHz, 128 KB L2 cache, 3.6 W)
Main Memory: onboard 256 MByte
Flashdisk: 1 GB
Operating System of the SBC: GNU/Linux 4.x
Network protocols OSI Layer 4 (transport layer): TCP, UDP
Network protocols OSI Layer 7 (application layer): TELNET, FTP, SSH (incl. SFTP, SCP), HTTP, HTTPS, SYSLOG, SNMP
Internet Protocol (IP): IP v4, IP v6
Network Autoconfiguration Support:
IPv4: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – DHCP (RFC 2131)
IPv6: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – DHCPv6 (RFC 3315) and Autoconfiguration Networking – AUTOCONF (RFC 2462)
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
NTP v2 (RFC 1119), NTP v3 (RFC 1305), NTP v4 (RFC 5905)
SNTP v3 (RFC 1769), SNTP v4 (RFC 2030)
MD5 Authentication and Autokey Key Management
Time Protocol (TIME): Time Protocol (RFC 868)
Daytime Protocol (DAYTIME): Daytime Protocol (RFC 867)
IEC 61850: Synchronization of IEC 61850 compliant devices by using SNTP
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): HTTP/HTTPS (RC 2616)
Secure Shell (SSH): SSH v1.3, SSH v1.5, SSH v2 (OpenSSH)
Telnet: Telnet (RFC 854-RFC 861)
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): SNMPv1 (RFC 1157), SNMPv2c (RFC 1901-1908), SNMP v3 (RFC 3411-3418)
Form Factor:
Aluminium housing for DIN mounting rail (black powder-coated)
Height: 193mm (227mm with module-handle), Width:118mm, Depth: 160mm
Ambient temperature: 0 … 50°C / 32 … 122°F
Humidity: Max. 85%
Scope of supply: Product documentation and software on USB storage device.
Technical Support: Meinberg offers free lifetime technical support via telephone or e-mail.
Warranty: Three-Year Warranty
Firmware Updates
Firmware is field-upgradeable, updates can be installed directly at the unit or via a remote network connection.
Software updates are provided free of charge, for the lifetime of your Meinberg product.
RoHS-Status of the product: This product is fully RoHS compliant
WEEE status of the product: This product is handled as a B2B category product. In order to secure a WEEE compliant waste disposal it has to be returned to the manufacturer. Any transportation expenses for returning this product (at its end of life) have to be incurred by the end user, whereas Meinberg will bear the costs for the waste disposal itself.
Additional Information: Additional information about the Meinberg LANTIME family of NTP time servers and other LANTIME models can be found on the LANTIME NTP Time Server Family Page.


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