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Combining unprecedented levels of efficiency and versatility, the microSyncHR sets a new standard for compact, powerful synchronisation solutions.

All microSyncHR variants offer key features like multiple programmable output signals (two over fibre optical ST connectors), four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and the ability to synchronize both NTP and PTP devices.

The diversity of outputs and interfaces allows the microSyncHR to be deployed in a large range of industries and applications. Depending on individual network needs, microSyncHR is available as either a 100 series or 300 series.

APC Technology Group plc

microSyncHR 100 series

The 100 series offers pre-configured outputs like Programmable Pulses (TTL), Time Code AM (IRIG, AFNOR) and Frequency Synthesizer (0,1 Hz to 10 MHz).

APC Technology Group plc

microSyncHR 300 series

The 300 series comes with pre-configured I/Os like PPS input (TTL), 10 MHz input (sine/TTL), 10 MHz output (TTL) and 10 MHz output (sine).

All our time servers come with a wide range of customisation options.

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