Versatile time servers for a range of applications

Versatile time servers for a range of applications

NTP Time Servers

The LANTIME M-Series from Meinberg is a versatile range of NTP time servers, enabling you to choose between different form factors, power supply options and reference time sources, with additional interfaces and outputs to produce individually configured system.

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19” Rack Mounted NTP Time Servers

We provide a range of 19” rack mounted NTP time servers. These include: the entry-level LANTIME M200 server, the LANTIME M300 which handles a broad spectrum of time and frequency inputs and the LANTIME M900 which has an integrated reference clock that includes selectable time sources such as GPS, GLONASS, local radio time signals and more.

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DIN Rail Mounted NTP Time Servers

The LANTIME M100 provides basic NTP time server performance in a rail mounted chassis. Designed for small and medium industrial and power generation networks, the M100 integrated reference clock ensures precision accuracy in a compact system.

The LANTIME M400 time server offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility and provides accurate time to your network in a compact and full-featured DIN rail mount package for industrial applications such as power generation, transmission and distribution (substation automation), process control and industrial automation systems.

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All our NTP Time Servers come with a wide range of customisation options.

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