PTP Network Switches and Cards

PTP Network Switches and Cards

PTP Compatible Network Switches and Cards

To complement our portfolio of Meinberg time and frequency synchronisation systems we have a range of PTP compatible switches and network interface cards from leading manufacturer Oregano Systems.

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PTP Switches

The Arista 7150S series is a leading ultra low latency 1RU 1/10/40GbE layer 2/3/4 wire speed switch family, offering a unique combination of performance, advanced functionality and extensive onboard resources.

The Oregano Systems syn1588® Gbit switch is unique among switches in that it features a purely hardware-based timestamping system which allows a resolution of 2ns on the timestamps. Supporting up to 256 messages/second simultaneously on all ports, the sync1588 switch provides superior performance in traffic-heavy environments.

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PTP Network Interface Cards (NICs)

The Oregano Systems syn1588® network interface card allows a workstation or PC equipped with this card to receive highly accurate time from an external PTPv2 Grandmaster to an accuracy of 10ns. Due to the special structure, when the sync1588® is paired with the Oregano systems PTPv2 stack the CPU load can be considered negligible.

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Visual Measurement Systems

The Oregano Systems syn1588® visual measurement system utilises the syn1588® NIC for 1PPS measurement, and is capable of analysing and displaying the offset between all 1PPS signals with continuous updates to the mean value, standard deviation and max and min values respectively. With two versions available, the syn1588® VMS is the go to option for clock synchronisation accuracy.

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PTP Stack Software

Available from APC Time, Meinberg/Oregano Systems’ syn1588® PTP Stack offers a complete implementation of the protocol stack for the IEEE1588-2008 standard precision clock synchronisation protocol. The syn1588® PTP Stack is a well proven, reliable and portable software and its outstanding functionality is verified regularly on ISPCS plugfests and SMPTE Interops.

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