PTP Switches

PTP Switches

PTP Switches

APC Technology Group plc

Arista 7150 Series Network Switch

The Arista 7150 Series is a leading ultra low latency 1RU platform providing a unique combination of performance, advanced features and a balanced set of resources for low latency financial markets, HPC clusters and virtualised data centres.

  • First SDN Switch architected for leading-edge applications including Big Data, Cloud Networks, Financial Trading, HPC and Web 2.0 environments
  • Accurate and predictable performance in a range of densities (deterministic high performance, lowest latency and jitter for all traffic)
  • First network–wide virtualisation platform for next generation cloud bursting support with wire speed VXLAN hardware-based Tunnel Endpoint termination
  • First deterministic latency and high-performance 10GbE/ 40GbE switch and IEEE 1588 Platform

Comprehensive feature set:

High Performance, Low Latency Switching
  • Layer 2/3/4 switching up to 1.28Tbps and 960Mpps
  • Consistent latency as low as 350ns for all packet sizes
  • Large L2 and L3 tables for virtualised and cloud network environments
Advanced Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • LANZ+ for unprecedented micro-burst analysis and capacity management
  • Multi-port mirroring to enable in-line tap and data capture aggregation
Advanced Traffic Control
  • Hardware Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • VLAN to VXLAN gateway for stateful VM Mobility across L3 boundaries
  • Full suite of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) features for ultra-accurate timing networks
Datacenter Optimised
  • 1 rack unit (RU) for up to 64 ports of 10GbE
  • Front to rear and reversible airflow for flexible installation
  • High Availability and Simple Provisioning
  • AgilePorts with support for 100Mb to 40GbE in one interface
APC Technology Group plc

syn1588® Gbit Switch

The switch from Oregano Systems is the only IEEE1588 transparent clock on the market that fully processes the PTP packets in hardware. As a result there is minimum latency and identical datapath (and delay) for PTP packets as well as all other traffic on the switch. There is virtually no limit on the PTP packet rates simultaneously on all ports of the switch device.

The syn1588® Gbit offers the standard 8+1-port 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet switch functions as well as the IEEE1588-2008 Transparent Clock function. It offers an amazing timestamping accuracy while supporting high message rates simultaneously on all ports.

Performance without compromise

The syn1588® Gbit Switch offers timestamping accuracy of 2 ns. The purely hardware based IEEE1588 packet processing engine operates non-intrusively supporting up to 256 messages/sec PTP event message rates simultaneously on all ports. Optionally, high quality local oscillators will increase the accuracy even further in case of heavily loaded networks with residence times in the millisecond range.

syn1588® Gbit Switch System Features
  • EEE1588-2008 end-to-end transparent clock
  • Eight 10/100/1000 Mbit/s copper ports
  • One uplink port suited for SFP modules
    • 1000BASE-X (fiber) or 1000BASE-T (copper) SFP modules supported
  • 2 ns timestamping accuracy (!)
  • No configuration required – ready to be used
  • High quality local oscillators available optionally (OCXO)
  • Purely hardware based (on-the-fly) packet processing of IEEE1588 packets
    • No additional delay for IEEE1588 packet processing on switch
    • Maximum event rate simultaneously on all ports in parallel
    • Extremely high PTP event message rates supported concurrently on all ports
  • Manageable via SNMP
syn1588® Gbit Switch Application

Distribute highly accurate time in complex networks to IEEE1588 slaves. IEEE1588 nodes (e.g. PCs equipped with the syn1588® PCIe NIC) synchronize their local hardware clock with an accuracy of 10 ns or better to the absolute time information distributed by an IEEE1588 grandmaster over a complex network using the syn1588® Gbit Switch as a transparent clock (TC). This dramatically increases the clock synchronisation performance.

syn1588® Gbit Switch Special Features
  • Eight 10/100/1000 Mbit/s copper ports
  • One uplink port suited for SFP modules
    • 1000BASE-X (fiber) or 1000BASE-T (copper) SFP modules supported
  • High quality local oscillator option available
    • OCXO
  • 1-step IEEE1588-2008 transparent clock following IEEE1588-2008
  • Processing of VLAN based IEEE1588 packets
  • IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packets
  • Layer 2 support for IEEE1588 packets
  • Remote PTP monitoring and configuration via SNMP (SNMPv2)
  • Internal wide range AC power supply
  • 19″ 1HE rackmount case

syn1588® Quick SNMP Utility
For users who would like to identify syn1588® Gbit Switch units without installing an SNMP client (and the unit specific MIBs) Oregano Systems provides the syn1588® Quick SNMP utility free of charge. The syn1588® Quick SNMP utility allows detecting of syn1588® Gbit Switch devices in a network and reading most frequently required parameters (like link state, IP addresses, firmware versions etc.).

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