Training delivered by network and timing experts

Training delivered by network and timing experts

Time and Frequency Synchronisation Training

There are a range of time and frequency synchronisation courses available to help you get the most out of your Meinberg products and systems.

Delivered by experts in network infrastructure with a deep understanding of the requirements of synchronisation, these include courses in network time protocol (NTP), precision time protocol (PTP) and Meinberg product training.

Trainings can also be fully bespoke and tailored to meet you exact needs and requirements.

NTP Complete:

Aimed at network administrators, network architects, network and IT engineers this course provides a compact and efficient training in network time protocol (NTP) including:

  • Time packet sequence
  • ntpd, ntpq, ntp. conf
  • Linux/Windows Time service (w32time)
  • Stratum 1 to Stratum n architectures
  • Redundancy concepts
  • Cluster mode and high availabilty bonding
  • NTP security measures
  • Administration and monitoring of a time server
  • CLI, SSH, WebGUI, SNMP management
  • Hands-on practical labs

PTP Complete:

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) systems are used for time, phase and frequency synchronisation within fast trading finance, power, telecom and other industrial networks. In this course network administrators, network architects, network and IT engineers will learn key IEEE 1588 features and configuration of PTP clocks.

  • Different types of clocks: GM, Slave, Boundary, Transparent Clock
  • PTP message sequence
  • Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA)
  • E2E and P2P delay mechanism
  • One and two-step operation
  • Unicast / Multicast / Hybrid mode
  • Default Profile, Power, Telecom and Enterprise Profile
  • Common application setups
  • Hands-on practical labs

Meinberg Product Training:

Whether you have already purchased a Meinberg product and would like to learn how to configure and manage it correctly, or you are gathering product information in order to make the best sync product choice, the Meinberg product training can help you understand the product and how to optimise its use. The Meinberg product training includes:

  • Introduction to time and frequency sync systems
  • Redundancy methods (cluster mode, high availability bonding)
  • Introduction to NTP and PTP
  • Other time and frequency signals: PPS, 10 MHz, IRIG DCLS/AM, E1/T1
  • Meinberg product range with different form factors and functions
  • Alarming and messaging (SNMP, email, user defined channel)
  • LANTIME firmware update/upgrade
  • GNSS / Longwave antenna positioning and installation
  • Industry case studies
  • Hands-on practical lab

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