Timing service level agreement

Timing service level agreement

Critical timing protection from a single source

Timing is an essential resource in enabling finance, broadcast, power and communications technologies. Protecting timing services and infrastructure is key to business operation, within specification performance, and regulatory compliance.

APC Time, the UK provider of Meinberg equipment and timing technologies, has partnered with Edge Networks, a provider of network deployment and support services, to provide a Timing Service Level Agreement solution that ensures your critical timing services are maintained at all times.

A service level agreement with APC Time and Edge Networks offers a single source for monitoring, maintenance, technical support, field support and the repair and replacement of equipment.

20 years’ expertise in delivering timing accuracy

Our technical teams at APC Time and Edge Networks have two decades of practical experience and technical know-how in installing, managing and maintaining time synchronisation across critical networks.

Services offering include:
Services offering include:

Benefits of a Timing Services SLA

  • Guaranteed uptime and fix timeframes for essential timing services
  • Single source for technical support, repair services and field support
  • Increased visibility into performance and health of timing equipment and network
  • Reassurance that in the case of fault or issues that equipment and timing experts are on hand to assist
  • Instant access to GPS/GNSS experts, a key component of the timing systems and services and a specialist technology space
  • Reduced capital expenditure as there is no requirement to invest procurement and storage of spare systems
  • Reduced risk of degradation or loss of timing services and the business operations that depend on them

Timing SLA components

Technical support

Technical support can be accessed up to 24/7, 365 days a year by telephone, web portal or email.  The initial response time for acknowledgement is five minutes with a technical response within 45 minutes. Support incidents are processed by a technical expert in the supported system or technology.  Types of support incidents range from configuration assistance, fault investigation and root-cause analysis.

Optional equipment swap-out

As part of the SLA if a customer does not have any owned spares, or wishes to augment capability, there is the option to include a spares pool of hardware. In the case of loss of service or degradation in resilience, a fully configured replacement can be supplied to the client while the original unit is repaired or substituted. Such units can be fitted and fully commissioned into service by an APC engineer.

Field support

Some types of support incidents, especially those involving GPS/GNSS infrastructure can only be investigated and rectified by personnel attending site.  APC’s fully trained engineers with knowledge of timing and synchronisation systems provide a consistently high level of technical competence.  Engineers are rooftop trained and experienced in operating within secure or sensitive environments including data centre, core or remote sites, cell towers, utility infrastructures and many types of enterprise location.  Field support days can included for call-off  as part of the SLA or a pre-agreed pricing and process can be put in place so ad-hoc service can be provided at short notice.

As well as fault investigation, field engineers can perform network testing for ITU C.86 power, SMPTE or MiFID II certification – regular compliance testing can be added to the SLA price

Systems and network health check

Client systems are accessed at a pre-agreed schedule such as daily, weekly or upon request using pre-authorised secure connections from our facility.  Checks are performed to identify anomalies not reported by network management systems and housekeeping activities are performed as pre-agreed.

Managed repair services

APC fully control the end-to-end process including lab testing of returned client assets to verify the requirement for paid repair and verification of repair before shipping to customer.  Optionally a loan unit can be made available to provide service cover during the repair cycle.

Service FeatureStandardExtended
Service Feature:Technical Support Standard:9am to 5pm UK business Extended :24x7, 365 Days/Year
Service Feature:Access to loan spares pool Standard:Extended :
Service Feature:Remote health-checkStandard:Extended :
Service Feature:Managed repairsStandard:Extended :
Service Feature:Hardware swap-outStandard:Optional Extended :Optional
Service Feature:Proactive Monitoring Standard:Optional Extended :Optional
Service Feature:Field SupportStandard:Ad-hoc, or pre-purchased days included in SLA Extended :Ad-hoc, or pre-purchased days included in SLA
Service Feature:Regular testing (e.g MifID II certification) Standard:Ad-hoc, or pre-purchased days included in SLA Extended :Ad-hoc, or pre-purchased days included in SLA

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