IP based time synchronisation for broadcast

IP based time synchronisation for broadcast

Time and Frequency Synchronisation for Broadcast Applications

The professional broadcasting industry is currently evolving its studio infrastructures from traditional video/audio signal distribution like SDI for video and AES for audio towards a full IP based production as described in the SMPTE suite of standards for professional media over IP Networks (SMPTE ST 2110).

The broadcast industry is in agreement that IEEE 1588 (PTP) will be the basis for IP synchronisation solutions, as outlined in the ST 2110 suite of standards. For time synchronisation, the profiles of relevance are SMPTE ST 2059-2 and AES67; the IEEE 1588 (PTPv2) profiles for video and audio synchronisation respectively.

The Meinberg IMS series has been designed to enable coexistence and interoperability between the traditional methods of synchronisation (Black-Burst, Tri-Level Sync, AES Word-Clock) and the future (IEEE-1588 PTP) synchronisation methods of professional audio/video equipment. It is possible for the IP and frequency outputs to be derived from multiple reference sources, either singularly or in parallel. The supported reference sources include GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, PTP, NTP, SyncE, 1PPS, IRIG Time Code or 10MHz.

Utilising the modular nature of the IMS series, end users will be able to plan future upgrades to IP from their current SDI infrastructure without having to replace equipment. The highly modular nature of the IMS series allows field-replacement and hot-swap capabilities for IO modules and power supplies to provide a customer configurable solution to meet the challenges of the upgrade to IP.

Key Features of the IMS series 

  • GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) synchronised master clock
  • IEEE 1588 Grandmaster
 (SMPTE ST 2059-2, AES67 Media Profile) with GBit PTP interfaces (SFP/RJ45) and synchronous ethernet in/out
  • Carrier grade NTP time server with HW time stamping
  • Video formats: 
PAL Blackburst (VITC support), NTSC Blackburst
  • Video signals: 
HD/SD video syncs (Tri-Level/Bi-Level Sync) H-Sync and V-Sync
  • Audio signals: 
programmable word clock rates between 24 Hz –12.288 MHz AES11-2003 (DARS)
  • Redundant DC and AC power supplies

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