White rabbit LEN kit

White rabbit LEN kit

White Rabbit Lite Embedded Node Kit

Seven Solutions’ KIT WR-LEN, available from APC Time, is a solution consisting of a set of WR-LENs that offer synchronisation over daisy chain configurations, distributes accurate timing from one node to others, synchronises IRIG-B compliant devices or takes advantage of the WR network.

The following packages are available:

  • KIT LEN-F: It includes three LEN nodes and their interconnection elements.
  • KIT LEN-B: Includes two LENs (simple tests).

These do not need any configuration and work straight out of the box.


  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy
  • Compact size
  • Distance range: over 80 km using fibre
  • PTPv2, Sync-E supported
  • Robustness and redundancy
  • Dynamic calibration
  • 100% standalone operation

For more information about our range of White Rabbit technology from Seven Solutions contact APC Time on: