GPS Optical Antenna Link - Single Mode

GOAL-S is a GPS Optical Antenna Link - Set for connecting a Meinberg GPS antenna/converter (GNSS
  • IF
  • 15 V DC) with a Meinberg GPS receiver via a Single-Mode fiber.
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    Manual URL https://www.meinbergglobal.com/download/docs/manuals/english/goal-s.pdf
    Form Factor GOAL-S/A: black eloxadized aluminium housing, with aluminium front and back wall
    GOAL-S/R: anodized aluminium housing with aluminium front and back wall with clamp for 35mm DIN-railmount
    Relative Humidity Max. 85%
    RoHS Yes
    Dimensions GOAL-S/A: 44mm x 105mm x 165mm (height x width x depth)
    GOAL-S/R: 28mm x 69mm x 85mm (height x width x depth)
    Power Supply GOAL-S/A: 100-240 V AC / 50/60Hz
    optional: 20-60 V DC
    power consumption: 5W max.
    Further information The GOAL-S-R module is connected to the GPS antenna input of the receiver via a coaxial cable at receiver side and can be mounted directly or close to the receiver. The GOAL-S-A module is mounted inside the building and is connected to the Meinberg GPS antenna/converter unit via a coaxial cable.

    long antenna cable runs possible (up to 20km)
    no danger caused by overvoltage damage via the antenna cable
    tap-proof security communication through fiber optic connection
    The GOAL-S/R module installed at receiver side is powered by the Meinberg GPS-IF receiver via the coaxial cable. The GOAL-S/A module, installed on the antenna side, requires an external power source for its own power supply for operation, as well as for powering the connected antenna. An unconnected antenna and a short circuit on the antenna line are indicated by a status LED.

    An additional LED indicates that the 10MHz reference is being received by the GPS-IF receiver with sufficient signal strength and that the fiber optic link is working properly. Only when these two status LEDs are green the built-in FP laser is switched on. The switching-on of the laser is indicated by another status LED.

    The system is suitable for the subsequent extension of existing Meinberg GPS systems. The following GPS receivers are suitable for use with a GOAL-S Antenna Link:

    and older receivers of the series GPS163, GPS164, GPS165, GPS167, GPS168, GPS169 and GPS170 (but not GPS166!).

    When using the GOAL-S Antenna link in combination with the GPS signal converter GPSGEN1575, please note, that the function of connected GPS (L1) receivers from other manufacturers can not be guaranteed!
    Protection IP30
    Electrical Connectors SC-APC connector (FO Link)
    N-Norm socket (Meinberg GPS-IF Receiver)
    power supply via 5pol. DFK connector (GOAL-S/A only)
    ground terminal via 6.3mm flat plug (GOAL-S/R only)
    WEEE status of the product This product is handled as a B2B category product. In order to secure a WEEE compliant waste disposal it has to be returned to the manufacturer. Any transportation expenses for returning this product (at its end of life) have to be incurred by the end user, whereas Meinberg will bear the costs for the waste disposal itself.
    Type of Antenna Input for Meinberg GPS antenna (not included), antenna circuit 1000 V DC insulated
    Optical Outputs SC-APC connector for connecting an E9/125µm SMF
    wave length:
    1550nm (transmit), 1310nm (receive)
    coupling optical power:
    max 1mW (0dBm), typ. 500µW (-3dBm)
    optical input power:
    min. 1µW (-30dBm)
    Key Features large antenna cable distances - up to 20km. using a continuous connection with a fiber type of category OS2 (0.4dB/km)
    no destructive overvoltage via the antenna cable
    no unintentional monitoring possible via optical fiber
    Operating Temperature -25 ... 65° C
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