Corporate social responsibility

Driving forward, responsibly.

As we continue to help drive forward the projects that will power the UK, APC’s corporate social responsibility program ensures that we do so in a manner that achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility.

As a firm believer that technology can make the UK more productive, safer and a place for people to thrive, our CSR policy demonstrates that our ethical practices and high standards can guide us to do this in a way that is beneficial for all.

Our rigorous governance ensures we uphold the highest standards when interacting with our customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities we operate in.

Details on our individual policies can be accessed and downloaded below.

Anti-bribery policy pdf 305.481

Anti-slavery policy pdf 172.529

Data protection policy pdf 390.562

Corporate social responsibility 07 170.069

Conflict minerals pdf 226.546

Equal opportunities policy pdf 263.492

GDPR policy pdf 265.877

Health and safety policy pdf 541.204

Human rights policy pdf 304.105

REACH policy pdf 158.049

RoSH policy pdf 5011.655