Han-Modular Domino Modules: The next level of modular industrial connectors from HARTING

HARTING is opening up new possibilities for optimisation, including space and weight savings of up to 50%, thus reducing the CO2 footprint.

When Han-Modular was released in 1993, it was the first modular industrial connector to run power, signal, and data alongside each other in a single connector. Now HARTING are delighted to announce the next development stage of the modular connector; the new Han-Modular Domino range.

Available from our specialist cable and connector division; Co-Tron Components; this new series meets the industry's requirements for saving installation space and weight. By using Han-Modular Domino modules, you can save up to 50% installation space by integrating different transmission types in one module.

Supporting today's industrial transformation

Power, signal, data or compressed air as well as male and female contacts can now be combined in one module. This reduces the number of required interfaces per unit and the connection technology becomes smaller and more lightweight, as more modules and module types can now fit into one connector.

"Cubes" support customisation

Just as dominoes have two separate squares, a domino module is made up of two building blocks or ‘cubes’. The Han-Modular mating face is divided in two, resulting in an almost square surface in which even larger contacts can be accommodated.

Lower energy costs and easy installation

The new smaller Domino modules require less energy and raw materials to produce and users also benefit from space and weight savings. Modularity is improved by the use of smaller components that can be arranged next to each other in hinged frames. Domino modules are also compatible with existing components of the Han-Modular series.

Installers also benefit from shorter assembly times. Due to the reduced connector size, assembly areas that are difficult to reach can be equipped more efficiently or even opened up for assembly in the first place, e.g. in the narrow installation space of rail vehicles. As a result, assembly costs are reduced.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Smaller and lighter connectors allow space savings of up to 50%
  • Maximum flexibility as scalable to the respective need
  • Reduction of installation times by combining several individual connections
  • Compatible with the components of the Han-Modular series, the market standard for modular industrial connectors
  • Sustainability through consistent modularisation

A global market leader in the manufacture of connectors and interconnection systems is renowned for its reliable connector solutions. HARTING’s products cover data processing, control and measurement applications within industrial machinery, food and beverage equipment, rail, automotive, energy distribution, wind power and robotics.

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