New Tektronix MSO 2 Series oscilloscopes combine performance with portability

Available from APC Technology Group, Tektronix has reimagined what is possible in test and measurement with the launch of the 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO).

 The new 2 Series MSO can go seamlessly from the bench to the field and back, enabling workflows previously unimagined on a scope. It is the first portable oscilloscope to offer benchtop performance and the award-winning Tektronix user interface. Weighing less than 1.8kg and 38mm thin, the 2 Series MSO can fit into a small backpack, delivering unmatched performance and portability.

The easy to use 10.1” touchscreen display makes working on the go easier and faster. The built-in capabilities of the optional Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG), pattern generator, voltmeter and frequency counter mean users have versatility built into one instrument – increasing what they can do while reducing the number of instruments to carry or purchase. With up to eight hours of battery power engineers will discover a new level of freedom on the job.

Portability and Performance

With a variety of integrated options, the 2 Series MSO is equipped for advanced debugging in a single instrument, including: 

  • Bandwidths from 70 MHz - 500 MHz
  • Two or four analog channel inputs
  • 16 digital channels (available with future software release)
  • 2.5 GS/s sample rate
  • Optional 50 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
  • Built-in pattern generator, voltmeter, and frequency counter (features coming soon)
  • Optional battery provides up to eight hours of power

APC is an official Tektronix distributor for UK and Ireland. Our test equipment sales engineers can
help you find the right equipment solution for your test applications; offering advice on
equipment specifications, software, product demonstrations and trial units.

0330 313 3220 | [email protected]

Unlocks Remote Work and Team Collaboration

Natively integrated software tools allow engineers to collaborate, troubleshoot, and debug designs across time zones. The 2 Series MSO includes TekDrive, a test and measurement data workspace in the cloud where engineers can upload, store, organize, and share any file from a connected device. Users can also perform analysis on a waveform and save it back to the cloud for immediate viewing and feedback from peers.

Total Product Protection Service

The 2 Series MSO is designed for easy set up and immediate use. To extend and enhance the level of service, Tektronix includes options to extend the warranty from one to three or five years. To provide 2 Series MSO owners protection in the event of accidental damage, Tektronix is offering an introductory promotional price on a Total Product Protection service plan when purchased with the oscilloscope. Purchase the new, light and portable oscilloscope and know it’s protected wherever you go.






Tektronix delivers innovative, precise and easy-to-operate test, measurement and monitoring solutions that solve problems, unlock insights and drive discovery globally. Tektronix has been at the forefront of the digital age for over 75 years.

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