APC Technology Group offers an extensive range of solid and flexible Waveguide components and assemblies to 220GHz. Rectangular Waveguide sizes from WR2300 to WR10, Double Ridge Waveguide from WRD250 to WRD180 and coaxial adaptor sizes from 7/8” to 6-1/8” EIA including SMA, Type N, SC, TNC and 7/16”.

  • Waveguide straights. Bends and mitres with 30, 45, 60 and 90° E and H plane twists.
  • Waveguide hardware such as flanges, gaskets, shims, clamps, hangers and fixing kits. Bulkhead feed-throughs, pressure windows and pressurisation sections.
  • High Power Arc Detectors in Waveguide sizes from WR284 to WR28. Shorting plates and sliding shorts.
  • Waveguide transitions and waveguide to coaxial adaptors including right angle, end launch and custom designs from WR2300 to WR10.
  • Waveguide “Quick” Connect/Disconnect Clamps for quick and easy connection of waveguide system components.
  • Extra lightweight Waveguide assemblies in regular, half-height and quarter height designs plus custom flange designs for space and airborne applications.

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